New Journal Article on News Personalisation!

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Hooray, a new publication is out! The journal article, published in Journalism Practice, is titled „The Form of Content Personalisation at Mainstream, Transatlantic News Outlets: 2010–2016“, and considers the development of the personalisation of news delivery to recipients in a longitudinal perspective. Examples for news personalisation are push notifications, recommendations which relate to the content read, or specific regional editions of the news outlet. In our paper, my co-author Prof. Neil Thurman and I consider the trend towards news apps, the decline of RSS feeds, and the implications that a personalised news experience may have on the reader.

If you’re interested, read the article here.

Here’s the abstract:
In October 2016 the New York Times announced new content personalisation features for its websites and mobile apps, with the promise of “much more to come”. This article examines such developments via a quantitative content analysis of personalisation features at 15 major news outlets in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Germany and via interviews with senior editorial staff at some of those outlets. Both websites and mobile apps were studied, allowing comparisons to be made across platforms as well as geographically. Longitudinal comparisons were also made against an equivalent survey conducted in 2010. The results reveal significant changes over the last six years with, for example, rises in personalisation on mobile platforms, falls in the use of recommendations by friends, and convergence and commodification in content recommendation platforms. This study provides evidence to support continued debates on classical concerns such as selective exposure, but also raises new concerns about the effects of personalisation, including data protection and security issues.