Turn the radio on! – Interview with Euranet

german_smallFür die deutsche Fassung bitte hier klicken!

radio(My own photograph)

What happened?

I was interviewed by the European Radio Network „Euranet“ at the beginning of this month. That was quite an experience! Thank God journalist Urte Modlich managed to calm me down… The pieces are in German only, unfortunately, but if you do understand German, I‘d encourage you to take a look… or better, listen!

What do I think about this?

Euranet deals with – as the name might already suggest – European news. I was asked to tell a few things about the European parliament, and of course I said yes! There is hardly anything better out there in the world of political science than the European parliament, eh?

In the first piece, I comment on something former chancellor Helmut Schmidt said; he appealed to the European parliament to „revolt“ and fight for more rights. This is what I said:

listen(Please click on the picture!)

The second piece deals with the European Year of Citizens 2013 (if you haven’t heard of it, I can only recommend to have a look). Here I talked about the European Ombudsman as well as the Committee on Petitions of the European parliament:

listen(Please click on the picture!)


Giving an interview was a great experience, especially since it was on a topic I like a lot! So, thanks for reading this – and if you know German, have fun listeing to it!


  • A big thank you goes to Euranet and Urte Modlich!


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