Turn the radio on! – Interview with Euranet

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What happened?

I was interviewed by the European Radio Network „Euranet“ at the beginning of this month. That was quite an experience! Thank God journalist Urte Modlich managed to calm me down… The pieces are in German only, unfortunately, but if you do understand German, I‘d encourage you to take a look… or better, listen!

What do I think about this?

Euranet deals with – as the name might already suggest – European news. I was asked to tell a few things about the European parliament, and of course I said yes! There is hardly anything better out there in the world of political science than the European parliament, eh?

In the first piece, I comment on something former chancellor Helmut Schmidt said; he appealed to the European parliament to „revolt“ and fight for more rights. This is what I said:

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The second piece deals with the European Year of Citizens 2013 (if you haven’t heard of it, I can only recommend to have a look). Here I talked about the European Ombudsman as well as the Committee on Petitions of the European parliament:

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Giving an interview was a great experience, especially since it was on a topic I like a lot! So, thanks for reading this – and if you know German, have fun listeing to it!


  • A big thank you goes to Euranet and Urte Modlich!



Radio hören! – Interview mit Euranet

gb_kleinPlease click here for the English version!

radio(Foto von mir)

Was ist passiert?

Anfang diesen Monats wurde ich vom Europäischen Radionetzwerk „Euranet“ interviewt. Das Gespräch mit Reporterin Urte Modlich war eine tolle Erfahrung – obwohl ich zugeben muss, dass ich sehr aufgeregt war. Aber nun, es hat alles geklappt und ich möchte nun hier zwei Beitrage zeigen, die bereits gesendet wurden.

Was meine ich dazu?

Euranet beschäftigt sich – wie der Name schon verrät – mit Europäischen Themen. Ich selbst wurde gefragt, ob ich etwas zum Europäischen Parlament sagen könne. Natürlich habe ich zugestimmt, denn was gibt es in der Politikwissenschaft Schöneres als das Europäische Parlament und seine Arbeit, nicht wahr?

Im ersten Beitrag geht es darum, dass Helmut Schmidt zu einer „Revolte“ des Europäischen Parlaments aufgerufen hat, er meint, es solle für mehr institutionelle Rechte kaempfen. Das habe ich in folgendem Beitrag kommentiert:

listen(Einmal auf den Kopfhörer klicken!)

Im zweiten Beitrag war das Europäische Bürgerjahr 2013 (falls noch nicht bekannt, lohnt sich ein Blick auf die Website) Thema. Hier habe ich ein paar Dinge zum Europäischen Büegerbeauftragten und dem Petitionsausschuss des Europäischen Parlaments erzählt:

listen(Einmal auf den Kopfhörer klicken!)


Dieses Interview war eine tolle Erfahrung, die ich nicht missen möchte – vor allen Dingen nicht, da es um eines meiner Lieblingsthemen ging! Vielen Dank für’s Zuhören, bleibt mir da nur zu sagen.

Worauf stützt sich dieser Blogpost?

  • Ein großer Dank geht an Euranet und Urte Modlich!


The year that was 2012

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jahres_1(Photo by me – this is Lüneburg!)

What happened?

Yes, what happened a few hours ago? Right, 2013 arrived! And that means that I would like to look back at 2012 and a couple of its (academic) highlights.

1. Becoming a PhD student

I started this blog back in October 2011 as a recent London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) graduate. Well, I am happy that shortly after that I was accepted by Prof. Florian Grotz, my supervisor, as his PhD student. In February 2012, I could finally officially enrol at Leuphana University Lüneburg. And going from there, not even a year has gone by, but so many good things happened to me – who knew that being a PhD student was so exciting? Well, of course there were challenges and obstacles to overcome, but I am glad to say that I managed to do that. My life now is so different from being an undergrad or a Master’s student – I am now (almost) all grown up in the academic world. That poses challenged but is also fun, so I hope that this continues just like that in 2013.

2. GOR12 Thesis Competition

Back in March 2012, I attended a conference on online research – the General Online Research Conference (short: GOR). While being there, I took part in the “Thesis Competition”, a competition for master’s as well as doctoral dissertations. After a pre-selection, six contestants were chosen to present their work at the conference, and I was among them – wow! So I presented my master’s dissertation, not only for the sake of taking part in this competition, but also to get a feel whether my PhD topic – which is closely related to my master’s dissertation – was of interest to others. And well, I got my answer – since I won, I guess my PhD topic wasn’t that boring after all! That was a big thing for me, and looking at the photographs from the award presentation, which feature me grinning like a Cheshire cat, makes me more than just happy.

3. Back at the London School of Economics and Political Science

I did my master’s degree at the LSE, and I missed this university quite a bit after I graduated. For me, studying at the LSE was an extraordinary experience – all my favourite topics (Europe, of course) as well as exciting people in one place. I was very lucky that I got the opportunity to go back as a PhD student. While being there, I could (and still can) work with my then academic adviser and now supervisor Prof. Simon Hix – and I am back in London! Here, I learn about methods and attended workshops on a plethora of issues concerning academica and the life of a PhD student – all of which I will take back with me to Lüneburg in April 2013. There are three months left at the LSE for me and I will fly back in a few days – 2013 starts in a great way!


Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all my highlights last year. Many things happened, and I am grateful for every single one of them. Also, I am grateful for you, my readers – it’s good to know that this website does not go unnoticed.

As for this very new year, there are already lots of things planned – also in the academic sense. So, stay tuned!

With that, I wish everyone a Happy New Year and a great 2013!


(Photo by me – a symbol for things yet to come…)